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We envision air quality safe for all people and air pollution efforts that outmatch production.

Air Quality

Natural challenges of the San Joaquin Valley, such as the geography, topography and meteorology of the air basin, create a low capacity for air pollution. The Valley topography is shaped like a bowl that holds air with minimal ability for dispersion. The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution District reports the air quality of the Los Angeles area is only marginally worse than the Valley’s although about 10 times more pollution is emitted in that region. The Bay Area’s air quality is much better than the Valley’s, even though about six times more pollution is released there.

Wildfires in the region significantly impact the air quality of the District and the people who live in the region. Maintaining forest health conditions and implementing wildfire mitigation strategies is a priority for the District that directly impacts air quality.

See the Air Pollution District’s recommendations for healthy air here.