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College Corp

Central Valley College Corp Fellows work with  local community benefit organizations to build healthier and more equitable communities across California.

We’re thrilled to have a group of passionate young leaders ready to positively impact our community. This is our 2023-2024 cohort.

Amy Demello

Forestry and Watershed Assistant

Amy is a dedicated advocate for wildlife conservation and environmental stewardship. Holding an Associate of Science degree in Biology, Amy has a deep-rooted passion for the preservation of our planet’s diverse ecosystems. As a mother of two and stepmother of three, Amy is driven by a desire to create a sustainable world for future generations. Currently enrolled as a student at Fresno State University, Amy is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, with a focus on expanding her knowledge and skills in the field. Having completed a rewarding zookeeper internship at Project Survival Cathaven, Amy gained invaluable hands-on experience in animal care and conservation practices. This experience further ignited her commitment to protecting endangered species and their habitats. Beyond her academic pursuits, Amy enjoys the great outdoors. Whether hiking through lush forests or observing wildlife in their natural habitats, she thrives in the beauty of nature. With a keen interest in environmental studies and research, Amy is dedicated to making a meaningful impact through her work. Her ultimate goal is to contribute to innovative solutions that promote harmony between humans and the natural world, ensuring a sustainable future for all. 

Zander Zamudio

Forestry and Watershed Assistant

Josue Sanchez

Agriculture and Rangeland Assistant

Xiomara Montanez

Outdoor Equity Program Assistant