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SRCD Board & Staff

The Sierra Resource Conservation District’s Board members are appointed by the County Supervisors of Districts 4 & 5, from private landowners, and other conservation-conscious citizens from within the boundaries of the District.

Each Director serves for 4 year terms. All Board Members serve without pay. Additional non-voting Associate Directors are also appointed and serve without pay. We are thankful for their service to our local communities!

Pete Lassotovitch

President and Chairperson

A secondgeneration farmer and cattle rancher in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, Pete Lassotovitch knows hard work, and the knowledge and commitment it takes to be successful. He brings these attributes to the District, serving as Board Chair and President since 2010. He is passionate about conserving our natural resources, especially wildfire prevention and addressing the current tree mortality crisis. Pete’s enjoying the outdoors every day on the farm, but his favorite activity to do in nature is to hunt.

Alan Fry


Alan Fry has brought leadership to the District since 2010 through his lifetime commitment of education and care to our environment. A retired high school science educator from Duncan Polytechnical, Alan shares his passion inside and outside the classroom. Clearing trails in the summers, hauling out trash, conducting water testing, leading environmental clubs, and sitting on several councils; Alan is a role model of dedication. His dedication is natural to his love for animals as he owns horses, mules, sheep and leases land for cattle. Packing animals into the high country is his favorite thing to do and seeing places most people never get the chance to see. Alan is the District Treasurer and Secretary, a member of the Back Country Horseman of America, the San Joaquin River Trial Council, and the Resource Advisory Committee with the Sierra National Forest. 

Gary Temple

Director (Former VP)

Gary Temple calls the Sierra Nevadas home since moving to Auberry, CA after a career in the bay area as an architect. Soon after he arrived, he founded the Sierra and Foothill Citizens Alliance to focus on water and land use issues, and successfully secured a regional water study by the county. Gary’s interest in resource conservation is helping people understand that our natural resources need to be protected for our future. Gary enjoys being a steward of the land and has led the District since 2010 as VP of the Board, Associate Director, and now Board Member. His interest and experience in water, forest management, carbon sequestering, and a prudent approach to sustainability makes Gary an asset to the District with his oversight. You can also find Gary overseeing nature, which is his favorite pass time, observing the small termite tubes on the ground to the grand views of the high Sierra’s.  

Matt Hurley


Matt Hurley is the newest Director on the Board. 

Kelly Kucharski

Co Executive Director/District Administrator

As the District Administrator since 2019, Kelly has supported and created the structures necessary to build the District’s ambitious goals into reality. Kelly is also an administrator for a Fresno based community benefit organization that helps families overcome poverty. She is passionate about implementing shared values, purpose, and efficiency in organizations, as well as best practices for the stewardship of our natural resources. On her free time Kelly is hiking her favorite trails, finding peace in the views and enjoying the fresh air. 

Karin Roux

Co Executive Director/District Development

Ian Ashby

Forestry Field Operations Supervisor/Arborist

Ian has been with the Sierra Resource Conservation District since the Spring of 2021. Previously, he was an ambulance paramedic before attending Reedley College and completing the Forestry and Natural Resources Program. After receiving his degree, Ian worked as a ranger and on a wildland fire crew, where he discovered his new passion and found his way to the District. Fuels management and reduction are important to Ian because it keeps the forests and the communities that live within them healthy. Here at the District, Ian is the Forestry Field Operations Supervisor, Safety Officer, and Manager of the Fire Defense Program for HWY180. His passion, talents, and leadership inspire others to work hard, to keep up with him, and in order to achieve the team’s goals. Ian’s favorite things to do in nature include rock climbing, spelunking, backpacking, and foraging.

Chelsea Hutchens

Watershed Program Coordinator

Chelsea started October 2021 as an intern from CSUF and now is the District’s Watershed Program Coordinator. She graduated from California State University, Fresno, with a B.S. in Geology and is currently working on a Master’s. Her role coordinates watershed projects, water sampling, and support of the Forestry Team. Chelsea has a passion for forestry practices, water management, and being a liaison between public and private entities. Having grown up in the Shaver Lake area, Chelsea is grateful that she can make a difference and give back to the community that raised her. In her spare time, she enjoys visiting her local hot springs, hiking, and rockhounding. You might catch her wandering the sparse areas of California studying its geology and admiring the beauty of the world’s creation.

Veronica Martinez

Community Engagement, Youth and Education Programs Manager

Alyssa Flores

Water Use, Soil Health, and Conservation Planning Support Assistant

Alyssa has been an intern here at the district since early November of 2021 and is the Water Use, Soils Health, and Conservation Planning Support Assistant. She also attends California State University, Fresno. She is on track to obtain her bachelor’s degree by the end of the Fall 2022 semester in environmental science. Alyssa is a part of the Agriculture and Rangeland program under Justin Morgan. Her interest includes conservation and sustainable agriculture practices. She does enjoy outreach and developing the face of the Agriculture and Rangeland program for the district’s involvements as well. In nature, Alyssa likes to run and observe beautiful scenery while appreciating this great earth we call home.

Elizet Gomez

Forestry Field Assistant 

Tanner Michaelson

Community Outreach Coordinator 

Daisy Guzman

Administrative Assistant

Daisy has been with the Sierra Resource Conservation District since November 2022. She has a background in business administration from CSUF where she learned the skills and knowledge necessary for her position. Daisy is most passionate about collaboration to give back to her community and is a big lover of nature. In nature, Daisy’s favorite thing to do is explore new areas and views, especially while hiking.