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As a Creek Fire Victim, the debris from your fire damaged structures can be removed at no cost when you grant the clean-up effort your permission. Your permission means completing a “right of entry” form by the County of Fresno Department of Public Health- Environmental Health. Many landowners have not yet signed this form. Please inform all landowners who have Creek Fire damaged or detroyed houses.

Removal of the debris is necessary for those who want to rebuild on their property and clean up their community. Debris removal is also an important effort in stewardship because your cleanup will prevent debris from ending up on our shared roadways or in our watersheds, which protects our infrastructure and environment. Everyone will benefit from this cleanup service.

Your “right of entry” form can be filled out HERE. More information is on the Fresno County Recovers website: https://www.co.fresno.ca.us/resources/fresno-county-recovers/debris-removal

Understanding the Right of Entry Form PDF