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The district was featured in All Power Lab’s June newsletter for our Biomass Utilization Project in Auberry, CA. See their article on their website or read it here:

APL (All Power Labs) provided a PP20 to the Sierra Resource Conservation District (SRCD), the entity responsible for managing and protecting more than 3000 square miles of forest and foothills in the Sierra Nevada and Central Valley. SRCD operates the gasifier in wooded areas that have experienced wildland fire and insect infestations to demonstrate the PP20’s capacity to reduce forest fuel loads and wildfire risk while sequestering carbon and generating on-demand electricity. These activities are part of SRCD’s recently launched Carbon Management Program that aims to understand and manage the carbon cycle for both ecological and economical benefit.

APL and SRCD were awarded funding for these activities by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund.