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Since 2019, Kelly Kucharski has been an integral part of Sierra RCD, stepping into the role of District Manager in August 2023. Her favorite things to do in nature are hiking, running, and snorkeling. What she is most passionate about District activities is addressing some of the largest challenges in our County and really meeting the needs of our local communities. Her key responsibilities and priorities as the District Manager are to comply with the mission statement, which is to take available resources and coordinate them at the local level, to meet the present and future natural resource needs of the local land user. One of her priorities is connecting state and federal funding to local land user needs and then serving them with those resources in the best way possible. Sierra RCD’s current initiatives and programs include Forestry and Watershed, Agriculture and Rangeland, Biomass Utilization, and Collective Impact. Some of the goals are to create an impact on climate-scale issues, like drought, and wildfire. In conclusion, what keeps Kelly so true to her passion for contributing to Sierra RCD is that she has always felt a draw to the Sierras and a desire to protect them. She especially was very moved by the 2020 Creek fire and that’s when she learned just how important environmental stewardship is.