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Picture this, 20 acres of green land running up against the bank of the Kings River in the outskirts of Sanger, California. Where retired mustangs, mules, and dogs run free, with an occasionally rescued calf that sounds at the sight of any interaction. Here, the owner Mr. Kinney sees the potential of his land to implement restoration and a focus on the conservation practices to ensure that the land remains in great shape for years to come.

Right next door is home to 139 acres of the Kings River Green Belt Park acquired by Fresno County. Along the Kings River, these undeveloped acres host various types of native and invasive species as well as sloughs covered nicely by tree canopies. With room for improvement, there is hope that the work being done next door will carry over to the Kings River Green Belt Park.

With the help of partner organizations and funding from different grants, the goal is to conserve these 20 acres and restore land that directly affects the quality of the Kings River. Mr. Kinney has high hopes for the potential of the land and would like to see his neighbors follow in his path. With the long-term goal being riparian restoration and conservation along the Kings River.

Along with the owner Mr. Kinney and the Sierra Resource Conservation District, we plan on getting the ball moving on this project and look forward to the outcomes it may bring. As well as the motivation it may instill in others to reach out to the Sierra Resource Conservation District for a project on their property.

If you have any inquiries or questions about our work and the services we may provide to you, feel free to reach out to the Program Manager, Justin Morgan.

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