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The number one request SRCD has received since launching the Eastern Fresno County Firesafe and Fuels Reduction Program, is how to remove log decks stacked on landowners properties. Landowners and residents in the high hazard wildfire areas near Shaver Lake have log decks stacked all over the area. Many owners have paid for services or used other programs to have their bark beetle infested dead trees removed in order to reduce the fire risk. However, the log decks were often left decked on their properties. Some landowners with only a couple acres can have over 20 decks stacked on their property! This has become an eye sore, and for many an obstacle to meet their land stewardship goals.

In March SRCD met with the San Joaquin River Conservancy and put together a new partnership to help address this issue, and made solutions for other conservation goals as well. The River Conservancy oversees land that is considered protected habitat for the river salmon. The log decks are being transported by SRCD to this land for habitat restoration projects, such as soil restoration, that will benefit the river salmon as well as other wildlife. With this partnership the dead and decaying logs decks on landowners properties have a new value, and landowners are happy to see them go and know they will be put to good use.

If you are a landowner who has a need for log removal in Eastern Fresno County, please contact the SRCD and we will reach out to you for an initial assessment. Funding for this program is limited, so please consider making a donation to SRCD to continue this much needed program for this community.